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Awakening Education Meditation Mastery Course

What You Get
  • Online Training Course with 14 part one on one Lessons with Pete
  • 10 Guided Meditations – meditating your way to higher consciousness
  • Ebook – Advanced Brainstates Gamma, Alpha, Theta, Delta
  • Full Facebook Community access with regular Master Classes & Email Support

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Get our Free eBook

Welcome to Awakening Education

Mastering Advanced Brainstates:
  • How the course works

    The human brain comes without an instruction book. Research shows we can all use more of our minds power and in this session we begin this journey. We cover the research behind the brain states, how they affect us in our daily life and how we can learn to use the brain better. We discuss the secrets behind how the course works and how it can be applied in a variety of situations for amazing results..

  • Tips and Tricks for Course Success!

    The information in this course has been refined over many years and thousands of people have participated in these exercises. In this session Peter gives you some advice on how to get the most from this training program based on his years of experience. If you follow these tips and recommendations you increase the speed of your results dramatically.

  • Accessing advanced brainstates

    In this module you learn the methodology used to access powerful focussed levels of the brain and mind. We set this method up and show how it has been inspired by ancient teaching in combination with the latest brain research.

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

    We have all seen glimpses of what we are capable of or seen others who seem to perform well at sport, study, or a specific skill. In this module you will learn how to program your superconscious to create new patterns of behaviour and new neural pathways in the brain to achieve exceptional results.

  • Supercharged manifesting

    Sports psychologists have used visualisation for many years to rapidly improve the performance of athletes. In this training module we use advanced brainstates, and 6 thought elements to create your desired outcome. It will work for goal achievement, sporting performance, qualities of character: It's about creating the life you truly want.

  • Memory Training

    This module is designed to help if you are forgetful, you constantly write lists, and have trouble with peoples’ names or would like to generally improve your memory. We show you how memory works so then you can build your memory muscle and improve your mental fitness. Memory improves rapidly.

  • Mental Workroom

    In this module you learn to use advanced brainstates to improve decision making, enhance creative thinking and improve problem solving. We show you how to tap the power of intuition and find certainty and clarity in your thinking.

  • Self Image

    In this session we learn how to let go of the pain from the past, stop the self sabotage and release the regret. We embrace the qualities of the real you uncovering your inner strengths and releasing trapped potential so you shine. You become the REAL you.

  • Mastering the Law of Attraction

    In this lesson we look at the factors affecting the intensity of thought. Thoughts are real they can be measured. In this session we explore the exciting implication of the tools you are learning in the course. Using focused brain states combined with the laws of the universe we work in
    harmony to achieve whatever we strongly desire.

  • Health

    Our body has an inner intelligence responsible for keeping us healthy, vital and in balance. In this module you learn how to use the power of thought and a focused mind to access this intelligence and send healing energy for yourself and send healing energy to other people.

  • Advanced Communication

    Our brains have the ability to synchronize with others. In this module you learn to use your mind and advanced communication techniques to tune into another person at a distance. Become a powerful communicator, resolve conflicts, sort misunderstandings and develop your natural psychic abilities.

  • Finding Your Purpose

    In this session we outline the steps to finding your purpose. The answer to fulfilment and happiness comes when the fundamentals of elevated consciousness and self development are met. We clarify these steps and discuss daily processes to uncover true happiness and success.

  • Advanced Awakening

  • 10 x Practical Meditation Sessions Guided by Peter.


At school we are given the tools of trade for just about everything in life, except the tools for living abundantly. No matter what sort of person you are, Awakening Education will put this incredible zing in your life. The time, money and effort required to do the course are a pittance compared with the amazing, life-long benefits you’ll receive. Don’t miss it.

Mark Talbot – Managing Director – Melbourne - Vic

I have found a new job, improved my memory, changed my attitude – home life is much happier and smoother. I am much more positive, have lots more self confidence and self esteem and I am able to set and achieve goals. All this happened after purchasing the Awakening Education Course.

S. Griffiths – Retail Manager - Maroochydore - Qld

Powerfully unites science, spirituality and healing. I raised my Vibration and connected to source Energy. It made me realise i was living an unhappy, unconscious life. Thank you for inspiring me and my awakening journey.

Loraine Day – Sales person – Epsom, Surrey
About Pete and Roxy
We are a married couple with two little boys from Australia. Our awakening journey started August 2019. We have both been active Entrepreneurs since our teenage years and have always made Self-Development a priority so we can be the Best Version of Ourselves.
We have built and managed successful businesses and always loved to be of service and inspire others.
We are Professional Motivational Speakers helping inspire and motivate others. We are Mindfulness & Multi-dimensional Coaches, Intuitive Healers, Course Creators and are here to help Elevate Humanity and Planet Earth into higher consciousness.
Peter has been a mindfulness coach for over 10 years travelling the world educating clients how to train their brain and access Alpha and Gamma Brain States.
When we met, we wanted to settle down and have some kids and decided to find local work which led to building 3 successful businesses while living a life of our dreams by the beach, with friends and family.
In August 2019, both of us felt in our hearts that there was more to learn about life, humanity and what our true life purpose was. We started to meditate and began our awakening journey. We meditate daily now and we are connected to the divine source being led by the heart and our higher self. We found we were waking up and elevating, and realising we are all one, we are all a spark of the divine and no one is better than anyone else.
We worked through deep negative emotional injuries from our traumatic childhood and now have removed our excess emotional baggage, purifying our vessels. we reconnected with our true selves, we knew and remembered who we were and got clarity on why we were here…!
Through this process we realigned with our purpose in life – To help raise the vibration, to help inspire and to be of Service to Humanity Globally.
In early 2020 Awakening Education was born which is an online platform for individuals globally, to begin their awakening journey and to help guide with elevation of consciousness.
Following this, we had a calling to train and learn all about multi-dimensionality and galactic truths. Through this process we elevated even further by firstly cleaning out our inter-dimensional injuries and merging back with our higher self and soul self.
We both transitioned and found our gifts and abilities were awakening to help be of service to others. our visualisation and multidimensional abilities began to truly ignite.
This was the launching pad to connecting with higher vibrational beings including extraterrestrial and Light Beings from other dimensions and planets. This was something very profound and exciting as we felt called to help bridge the gap between galactic worlds and the planet.  With the help of galactic beings and the divine source energy we were able to open up even more healing technology aboard a galactic federation star ship and now continue to take people on journeys for self healing via med bed Technology.
We want you to know we have survived our Awakening Journey!!! and that everything you are going through is okay and “everything will be okay”!!! You are on the right path!
Let’s together, Raise the Consciousness of YOU as an individual, and humanity and ascend into higher states of consciousness.
Wishing you a beautiful journey
Exciting times ahead!!!
Pete and Roxy xx