Modalities for Healing & Ascension

Mastering your human blocks, emotional injuries and old false limiting beliefs!

Past Lives Reading
Carolyn Zaiser – Purple Rain Healing

Channeled Messages Session (Distance Session with Formal Document)

This unique and personal session provides you with a word-for-word detailed document of the channeled conversation from your Spirit Team, facilitated by Carolyn. The more situations you wish to know about, the more information you are likely to receive.

This option includes:
  • Personalized channeled messages specifically for you. A beautiful document is then created from the recorded session and emailed to you within 2 days. A typical document has a minimum of 8 pages of detailed conversation.
  • Often, specific past lives come through to help you understand your current life journey and/or your overall soul journey as well.
  • Since this is distance work, no phone communication is needed during the session. Be sure to read What To Expect in a channeled session to learn more.
  • Conversation with me about the document contents after the session, is included, if desired. This may be completed online or over the phone.
How this Helped Pete and Roxy

When we first woke up we were given Carolyn’s details from our brother Dan who had used Carolyn before.

We both connected and got a reading of our past lives. It was amazing!! Lots of details around our past human lives here on earth. Some more significant than others, but some that we felt were important to know for our progression and ascension journey.

This modality is perfect for you to get started with, we incorporated this with meditation and accessing emotional injuries that were lessons for us to bring through to this life and work on and heal.

Here is a short video interview with Carolyn for you to watch and get to know her a little bit more. She is a beautiful lady, kind and compassionate and we are so grateful to have met her and have her help us on our spiritual awakening journey.