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Ayahuasca Retreat 2024

Our BRAND new Movie! Join Pete and Roxy as they take you on a journey of self-discovery with Ayahuasca. Be captivated by their personal experience and learn all about this tangible, sacred healing plant medicine 🙂

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1:1 Quantum Field Med Bed Healing Session

5D Distant energy healing to unlock dense energy, merge soul fractures and raise your vibration!

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Galactic Training - The How To Med Bed Course!

Learn how to access a off planet star ship, raise your vibration, be of service to the planet & humanity!

Multi-Dimensional Training Live

Activate your Multidimensional Self now & OPEN a Portal to Connect Directly to the GALACTIC!

Spiritual Healing With Katie

Receive holistic support and guidance for emotional healing, including addressing root casual emotions, inner child healing, and intuitive practical direction.

Peter & Roxy Event Speaking

Have an upcoming event and want to take it to another level? Explore and enquire on our event speaking

5D Business Coaching for Lightwarriors!

HOW to Take your BUSINESS into 5D & ACCESS the Rewards that come with ALIGNMENT



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Men's - The Great Awakening Tank


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Women's - The Great Awakening Tank

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