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ET and Med Bed Energetic Healing


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E.T. & Med Bed Healing - The How to Course

Meditation Mastery

A Guide to Spiritual Awakening

US $1,500

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Kids Spiritual Awakening Workshop (online)

Build an Inner Temple

5D Business Coaching

US $1,495

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Multidimensional Training

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Elevate your Consciousness with us

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Exclusive Luxury
Coaching Program

USD $97


Exclusive Modern Spirituality Event
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Men's - The Great Awakening Tank


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Women's - The Great Awakening Tank

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Awakening Education runs 1 on 1 sessions and group training assisting people with their spiritual awakening journey. Pete and Roxy are experts in galactic coaching, intuitive healing, and Med Bed healing to raise your vibrations and consciousness. We also offer spiritual awakening courses across the globe. Ready to start your awakening journey for a better life? Contact Pete and Roxy today!