Pleiadian Portal


Do you want to transform and step into the new version of you?
Would you like to connect with the pleiadians and just chat?

We are all here to elevate our consciousness and raise our vibration and sometimes we could use a little support and guidance!

We are excited to launch our brand new healing session – “Pleiadian Portal” where we connect with our pleiadian guides and help you understand what you need to know right now.

With the guidance of our friends from the stars, we channel profound information that you have been searching for… Ask questions and receive knowledge live!

We also offer energy healing where we connect you in a pleiadian portal of love, with the high frequency pleiadian council to come into your field and heal your mind, body and soul…

These sessions are transformational! You will love it!

The session goes for 60 minutes, sometimes we go over time as we love flow! So please allow for some extra time 🙂

We also record all sessions and send you a copy after 🙂

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Some questions other clients are asking:

  • What guides are around me right now?
  • How am I tracking until I merge back with my higherself?
  • How many strands of DNA are active right now?
  • Do I have any past lifetimes to integrate that will help me?
  • Can you clear my aura field and check for any negative attachments?
  • Can you help clear my energy centres and clear my lightbody?

These sessions are channelled by Eskil, our brother from the Galactic Federation Ship and sometimes upon request we receive messages from the High Council representing the Pleiades star system.

If you're ready to learn more about yourself and find out what it is that's holding you back this session is for you 🙂


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