Awaken to your Multi-dimensional self
& open a Portal to connect directly to the Galactic!

Are you a light warrior that wants to take your consciousness to the next level?

Do you feel there is something ‘more’ destined for you on this earth, BUT you’re a bit ‘lost’ where to find it.

We’re officially unlocking our next level training, A Spiritual Awakening To Your Multidimensional Self’… this is the step you need to take in order to…

  • Activate your multidimensional self and prepare for ascension.
  • Access the consciousness of planets in this solar system, and other star systems to tap into the quantum field of the universe.
  • Energize and activate your Extraterrestrial DNA within and connect directly to your galactic brothers and sisters, including the Pleiadians, Arcturians and more.
  • Activate your Multidimensional Stargates so you can integrate your inter-galactic life experiences in preparation for the ascension.
  • Supercharge your Pineal Gland for advanced knowledge and wisdom, get instant access to creative flow states and turn on your inner gifts and abilities.
  • Learn all about Galactic History from this universe and other universes!

And finally, and perhaps most importantly.

You can connect with other like minded light warriors! Finally a place where you can be your true authentic self, explore your E.T. DNA heritage and not feel judged!

We are offering this training and community to like minded souls that are ready to advance themselves into the universe to learn all things galactic and multi-dimensional.

This is a 4 week program , with a small class and is guided by Pete and Roxy. Plus, you will have direct access to the community and to Pete and Roxy to learn all things and ask questions directly.

You will also have access to our Worlds First Exclusive Galactic Ambassadors Program where likeminded souls are in a private community to share ET and UFO and Ascension experiences. We also go on light mission's together and fulfil our purpose and mission for being here on the planet! In this group you will have direct access to elevated lightwarriors and make brand new relationships. You will also have direct access to Pete and Roxy.

This is for all levels of awakened souls as you get to exercise your pineal gland, and tap into education with profound and higher intelligence not seen before on this planet! We will hold your hand and guide you into the galactic and quantum field helping you explore and learn everything we know.

This is for people that are open and ready to learn, elevate and explore their Multidimensional Self!

This course is set to start 7th March 2022

What's included?

  1. 4 classes over 2 Weeks Of Multi-Dimensional Training
    This 4-module series is delivered in 4x 90 minute weekly group sessions where we give you and teach you the concepts to awaken to your multidimensional self and connect with the galactic. The energetic power of these sessions is ‘out of this world' when we combine the energetic fields of multiple light workers.
  2. A Guide To Spiritual Awakening Masterclass
    Over 15 (yes, 15 modules) we will teach you the exact steps you need to take to achieve Spiritual Awakening and Ascension. This MasterClass perfectly accompanies your 4 week multidimensional training and is everything you need to know about navigating your journey!
  3. Galactic Ambassadors Community (Exclusive Private Group)
    We already know, ascending to the galactic and beyond can be a lonely journey with your close friends and family. We're sure at some point you've felt that they just won't ‘understand' your journey. Our Galactic Ambassadors Community provides what we consider a world first community, available only to those who've completed our high level training. Finally, you can connect with us and other like minded people 24/7
  4. Meditation & Accountability
    For the duration of your time in the Galactic Ambassadors Community, we're going to be checking in with various meditations and/or guidance videos to help you accountability. Your job is to follow along with these and report back in the community about your progress. Ascension to the divine takes commitment, let us help you on that journey, even when we're not face to face.
  5. 20% Discounts On ALL Awakening Education Products (6 month access)
    For 6 months, we're going to give you 20% off ALL of our products. We know this journey won't stop for you after 4 weeks. You will be awakened to your multidimensional self, but this may be the next step in your journey of becoming truly connected to the divine.

Added Bonus

And all of this we’re offering to you, our loyal light warriors

for a special price of $1,495.
This class is set to start 7th March 2022

To access this simply click the link below.

only USD $1,495 (normally $1,995)

The course is set to start 7th March 2022.