Activate your DNA Strands for Ascension

DNA Awakening - Awakening Education

Galactic DNA Discovery

Do you want to connect with your Galactic Family and Activate your DNA to discover your gifts and abilities?
In this session you will be guided to receive a full overview of who your galactic guides are, what your supernatural gifts are and a sneak peak of your future timelines and mission!

Knowledge is power and each one of us has unique abilities, missions and star families that are just waiting to be discovered.

Who am I in this Universe???

You are the action star of your own movie, produced by the universe, Directed by your higher self, shot with your own eyes. Your life is written in photons and stored on the biological film known as your DNA.

When we trace our DNA far enough back, we make an interesting discovery…

We learn that we came from the stars..

This is why Jerome has created a special program to activate your DNA technology and connect you with not only your own personal truth and abilities but also your galactic family that has been waiting to talk to you.

Are you ready to break away from the chains that cause you suffering?  Are you ready to become more powerful, happy and in touch with your ancestors and galactic family?

Find out what your mission is and why you are here! Activate your Supernatural Gifts and abilities NOW!

Sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours

Price $333

What to expect:

  • A journey of connection to your light body, star family and Galactic star ship
  • A activation of your supernatural gifts and abilities by revision of your DNA strands
  • A completely different outlook on your own body and its capabilities and understanding your mission and purpose
DNA Activation - Awakening Education
DNA Strand Activation - Awakening Education

The process:

By connecting in with Mother Gaia and your soul, Jerome is able to open up more room for activations of your DNA in the session.

You will start in a meditation to connect in with your higher-self, the earth and the universe, then Jerome will guide you through a soul merge to then take you to his Galactic Star Ship where you will be able to meet your Galactic Guides to prepare for initiation.

Jerome will then guide you to connecting with your guides and activate your DNA strands, so you can discover your gifts and abilities that are within you and prepare them for use in this lifetime!

If you are a light warrior looking to activate your DNA and take your Elevation to the next level this session is SUPER PROFOUND and is for YOU!

Here in this altered state you will:

  1. Learn your mission
  2. Learn knowledge and teachings of the stars
  3. Learn the abilities of your DNA
  • When the session is complete, Jerome then walks you through a series of meditations to engage your DNA technology.
  • This integration stays with you.
DNA Awakening - Awakening Education
DNA Awakening - Awakening Education


Sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours

Price $333

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