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Roxy - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Roxy is a Quantum Field Energy Healer who connects in with your higher-self and takes you on a journey to the Galactic Federation Star ship to use advanced technologies including plasma med beds. Roxy communicates telepathically with the Pleiadians, source energy, arch angels and other high frequency beings to help heal and elevate your consciousness. These sessions are exciting and profound! (wait time is approx. 3 weeks).

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Spiritual Awakening Reviews - Awakening Education
Intuitive Healers - Awakening Education

Pete - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Pete is the co-founder of Awakening Education and is heavily involved with advanced technology aboard the Galactic Federation Ship. He works closely with Pleiadians, Arcturians, commander Ashtar and the high realm beings. This session with Pete is profound to say the least. (Wait time within 2 weeks)

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Intuitive Healers Review - Awakening Education

Angela - Gentle Guide to Spirit

A direct experience of healing and awakening with Breathwork.

Angela brings a potent combination of Sacred Ancient Traditions and a Freedom Fighting Spirit. Angela uses the Power of Connected & Conscious Breath, Meditation, Quantum Field Healing (a Divine love frequency-it is a frequency through which you can connect with Galactic Brothers & Sisters in higher dimensions), Ceremonial Cacao, Plant Medicines & Spirits and the magical power of embodied dance and Reiki to unlock emotions, childhood traumas and energy flows that have been suppressed, so we can feel free and reclaim our true power.

Love is the most powerful source of energy in the universe. I am dedicated to assisting humanity, how to tap into this energy so together we elevate our love frequency to its fullest and highest self. Angela uses her life experience, daily immersive practices and sacred teachings from various masters throughout the world and her connection to other dimensions, to guide each and every session. These modalities are sometimes combined, to guide individuals and groups into non-ordinary states of consciousness to access parts of themselves that usually function outside of daily awareness.

You are a Devine being ….. “If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

A Little About me.

I live in Yeppoon Central Queensland. I am a wife, a mother to five, a proud grandmother to two, and I am absolutely surrounded and reconnected daily with Earth Angels, as we continue to navigate being of service at this magical time. I have been a Training Officer for many years in the Mining Industry and have recently closed our Heavy Equipment Maintenance Business of 65+ Employees and over 20+ Contractors in May 2021.

My what I like to call, ‘an aggressive awakening' really came into effect when my husband sustained a Serious and Debilitating work place accident in October 2019. I have been remembering and navigating this extraordinary Journey since. I have been involved actively in the freedom Fighting Community here in my own Community of the Capricorn Coast. What started as the strong knowing to provide a Support group and a safe place to meet, for those not really understanding what was happening and loosing their jobs to Co Creating the first Stand in the Park here in Yeppoon and Rockhampton back in March 2020. I have attended, co ordinated and spoken at Freedom Rallies throughout Queensland and the attended the BIG ones in Brisbane and Canberra.

I am a Strong Supporter for Australia One, I also worked tirelessly with over 28 Shires in Queensland and Alice Springs to Unite and Collaborate as Pro Choice Shire’s, as Yeppoon was the first Shire to achieve this. I am now more aware of my Mission and that I have a greater impact with my Healing abilities and how that is assisting Humanity at a higher level. I have always been connected but as we know and understand we have lived in a very spiritually deficient society. I know I am here of Service and I have always done this work, I just didn’t understand what it was I was here to do until my awakening.

“I am not here to follow trends. I follow my own heart, my intuition and the divine guidance from Spirit to harmonise the energy with each sacred session. When I hold space, I bring my complete presence and honour the journey of connecting you back to your heart. “

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Ange, my soul sister you have played a huge part in the evolution of me since the day we met near on a couple of years ago now. After coming to one of our breathwork facilitation retreats, here I was unaware of who you were although I felt your presence that very first day, as I know the majority of those other 22 beautiful humans did also. Your message and guidance you left me with from that retreat has changed the trajectory of my life beyond words.

You have activated me in my full expansion and remembrance of who I am and assisted me in stepping forward to be all I need to be for humanity in this time and for the first time in all my existence.

For this I am eternally grateful 🤗🙏💙

Your presence and energy was always so familiar to me and so powerful. I know we have held space and been on many journeys together in other realms and lives, and I am so honoured to be able to hold space with you in this lifetime throughout our many events with the breathwork and more. The capacity you have to hold space is epic for lack of a better word, it’s always such a pleasure to hold space with you, to witness your intuitive guidance in the way you weave your magic is like poetry in motion, such an inspiration to witness you do your thing. 🙏

You my sister, earth Angel are such a gift to humanity sending you so much love and divine light for all you are in this world and beyond.

Aaron. P

Med Bed Energetic Healing Coach - Awakening Education

Shila - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Shila is an amazing and gifted healer from London. Trained and qualified with Awakening Education, you will love Shila’s  gifts and abilities. She  has a strong and clear  connection with the galactic  beings on the star ship.  This session will feel incredible and you will receive upgrades and activations. Shila will help facilitate the session to clear blocks and barriers that have been hindering your healing and ascension. Feel in alignment with the divine and flow in life while living even more in the present moment.

In this session you will be guided to the quantum field, and a stargate will be opened to bring you to a starship. Here you will be guided into the vibrational room and with the help of the ETs, Shila will assist to facilitate a med bed session for frequency upgrades to clear negative density in your aura, organs and chakras. The ETs will be able to help you activate light codes, DNA and cell genes for higher elevation of consciousness and to help you merge back with your higher self.

For preparation for this session please find a quiet and comfortable place to relax for this call. You will be in a meditation state while connecting to the ship and ETs. This session will be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording after the session. Shila looks forward to connecting with you.

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Tania Lee * recommends Awakening Education.
I had a healing this morning with Shila and the med bed. I would highly recommend this healing. I haven't been able to walk properly for some time.  Today I've been all but running. I am excited to save up for my next healing. It truly  was an OM-AZING experience. My body is still releasing toxin from every hole it can release from.
Thank you Shila for the OM-AZING EXPERIENCE

Caprice - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Caprice is an Inner Being Consultant, Channel and ET/MedBed Healer & DNA Activater. She is the founder of the ‘Live the life you want to live’ movement and “The Joy Factor” lecture series. She helps people connect to their Higher Self so they can create the joyful life they desire, whether it’s finding their purpose, spiritual connection, habit change, lasting transformation and even meeting their spirit/galactic team. 

Since she started on her spiritual path, she has known it was her purpose to connect people to their higher self through connection, channeled communication, DNA activations and healing.

Caprice offers courses on how to connect to the higher self & spirit team as quickly as she did and services that allow you to communicate with your spirit team, as well as, receive healing and activation from their Galactic team! 

Caprice’s newest addition to her services is her Quantum Field DNA Activiation Medbed Sessions. She works closely with the Pleaidians for healing, a Sirian Priestess for downloads and Archangel Metatron to help her install a link between the mind and consciousness and DNA activations. This not only helps the client clear bocks, limiting beliefs and barriers in their energy centers but takes their ascension to a whole other level! Plus she also has a special way of connecting to the client to their galactic family and giving any extra information from them if available. 

Caprice is also known for her trance channeling –  the ‘Channel Coaching’ technique, in which she becomes a channel for a council of higher source that goes by the name of Cathryn, to help align you with your souls purpose, find your joy and coach you on how to live the life you want to live. With light and grace, Cathryn (the council) and Caprice create a safe space to coach you through your blocks. By giving you needed information and teaching you how to make small changes you will come into alignment with your souls purpose to create a positive shift in your life and wellbeing. As well as, communicating wisdom from a higher consciousness.

Caprice is a Certified Mastery Transformation, Life & Health Coach, Inner Being/Channeling Specialist and Trained MedBed Healer with Awakening Education.

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DNA Awakening Coach - Awakening Education

Activate your DNA Technology with Jerome!

Jerome is an incredibly connected multidimensional healer who has had vast experiences with Galactic Beings and Advanced technologies aboard Galactic Star Ships.

Jerome works closely with Arcturian Beings to help raise your vibration and unlock blocks holding you back.

Jerome is a beautiful gentle soul who will help you clearly identify what it is you need to hear from your higherself, your galactic guides and will help guide you into higher states of bliss, love and joy.

You will love this session with Jerome. (Wait time 1 week).

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Awakening Education runs 1 on 1 sessions and group training assisting people with their spiritual awakening journey. Pete and Roxy are experts in galactic coaching, intuitive healing, and Med Bed healing to raise your vibrations and consciousness. We also offer spiritual awakening courses across the globe. Ready to start your awakening journey for a better life? Contact Pete and Roxy today!