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Activate your DNA Technology with Jerome!

Jerome is an incredibly connected multidimensional healer who has had vast experiences with Galactic Beings and Advanced technologies aboard Galactic Star Ships.

Jerome works closely with Arcturian Beings to help raise your vibration and unlock blocks holding you back.

Jerome is a beautiful gentle soul who will help you clearly identify what it is you need to hear from your higherself, your galactic guides and will help guide you into higher states of bliss, love and joy.

You will love this session with Jerome. (Wait time 1 week).

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Shila - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

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Tania Lee * recommends Awakening Education.
I had a healing this morning with Shila and the med bed. I would highly recommend this healing. I haven't been able to walk properly for some time.  Today I've been all but running. I am excited to save up for my next healing. It truly  was an OM-AZING experience. My body is still releasing toxin from every hole it can release from.
 Thank you Shila for the OM-AZING EXPERIENCE

Jeannie - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Born a sensitive intuitive, Jeannie has spent many years honing and practising her healing skills. She has been a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher for nearly 20 years and has been operating her own Reiki studio in Gilroy, CA. She also has two wonderful children and of all the gifts she has, her children are the best. Through her children, she has learned to heal people on a physical level as well as on an emotional level. Gently and with complete trust in her guides and Galactic team, she will guide you through your healing session with the utmost respect for your higher self. She is always honoured by anyone trusting her with their healing needs. This session is amazing and you will love Jeannie's gifts and abilities 🙂 Jeannie is an incredible Med bed Healer and has a super-strong connection with the Pleiadian beings on the star ship.

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I recently had a quantum medbed healing session with Jeannie. Very Divinely timed on the Speing Equinox, if I may add 🌱✨ I had first been in touch with Roxanne, who was so lovely and very helpful. After reading Jeannie’s bio I felt an instant connection with her and I chose her for the session. She was absolutely lovely; so kind, warm, loving, grounded, playful, and professional😊 Just as I was Divinely guided to have this session, it began at exactly 11:11am due to some technological “glitches”✨

Something so beautiful and magical is hard to put into words. I felt extremely heard by Jeannie when I explained my circumstances and felt very safe throughout the healing process. Ezkel, Frank, Thin, and Astrid (the guides on the ship and with Jeannie) were incredible and so kind. If anything, there was a more playful energy about to assist with the healing, which I was grateful for. The ship was so quite, felt so safe and loving.

I had my aura completely “cleaned” like when you’re exiting a car wash and you get that intense burst of air at the end. The medbeds were able to detect things I could never possibly have known about. Jesus joined us and added to this very profound healing in which I also learned the true origin of my DNA🧬🛸, had my DNA activated🧬✨, had a complete chakra cleanse, had a lower-frequency “being” removed from my body, had some wounds healed/repaired, and had 2 past life healings/integrations; one from a human past life and one from a galactic past life. This was truly magical and I knew in my heart this was meant for me. Immediately afterwards, I felt so light, unlimited, confident and FREE🎉✨Even just knowing more about the origin of my soul left me feeling more empowered 💪🏻💖✨
My eyes are noticeably whiter and greener now💚 I’ve noticed some healing beginning in my body as well. Quantum healings do take time to fully integrate, and I truly do look forward for what’s yet to come.. 😃🙏🏻🌺✨

To anyone questioning or meditating on quantum medbed healing, I strongly recommend YES!! You can trust the people at Awakening Education and may even find some soul-family along the way🥰✨❤️✨🛸✨
If there were a star rating here, it would be 5🌟❗️Thanks again and love and blessings to everyone at Awakening Education 🙏🏻✨💖✨👽✨

Love, Jessica 💞🐰

Roxy - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Roxy is a Quantum Field Energy Healer who connects in with your higher-self and takes you on a journey to the Galactic Federation Star ship to use advanced technologies including plasma med beds. Roxy communicates telepathically with the Pleiadians, source energy, arch angels and other high frequency beings to help heal and elevate your consciousness. These sessions are exciting and profound! (wait time is approx. 3 weeks).

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Pete - ET & Med Bed Energetic Healing

Pete is the co-founder of Awakening Education and is heavily involved with advanced technology aboard the Galactic Federation Ship. He works closely with Pleiadians, Arcturians, commander Ashtar and the high realm beings. This session with Pete is profound to say the least. (Wait time within 2 weeks)

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