Spiritual Awakening Course for Kids

Is your child a Spiritual Awakening Leader for 5D Consciousness?

Starting February 2022
Weekly – 10 part Workshop

Australia / USA

We are excited to create our first Online Kids Spiritual Awakening Class. Come and join us on zoom for a virtual class teaching you and your children all things Awakening!

We encourage the whole family to join in and learn together! We are excited to help bring unity consciousness to the planet!

We want to help teach, nurture and support kids that are living a conscious and awakened life and allow kids to join our community from all over the world.

Spiritual Awakening Courses - Awakening Education
Spiritual Awakening Courses for Kids - Awakening Education

Here are some education topics you and your kids will learn

  • Our body’s Energy Centers and their purpose
  • Meditating and how to access the Alpha and Gamma state
  • Conscious Living and Community
  • Sustainable Living – gardening, recycling & more!
  • Planet Earth Connection including grounding, gratitude, energy
  • Quantum Field connection
  • Learn about Dimensions and Ascension
  • Learn about the Galactic History
  • Connecting with our friends from the stars – Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirens & more!

Our classes are all things multidimensional and will help expand and elevate your family's consciousness.

If you feel your family is conscious and ready to help make a difference this workshop is for you.

Our children are the future and will be the leaders into the golden age. The great awakening is here and we must start allowing our kids the education they need to help lead planet earth into higher states of consciousness.

Let’s together elevate the planet, our children and have a ripple effect for the human collective.

Spiritual Awakening Courses for Kids - Awakening Education

With Love
Pete and Roxy xx

US $1,500 per child

10 week workshop / 1 hour class

Us $2,500 for families
(up to 3 children)

Parents sit in for free 🙂

Awakening Education runs 1 on 1 session and group training assisting people with their spiritual awakening journey. Pete and Roxy are experts in galactic coaching, intuitive healing, and Med Bed healing to raise your vibrations and consciousness. We also offer spiritual awakening courses across the globe. Ready to start your awakening journey for a better life? Contact Pete and Roxy today!