Galactic MED BED Training, The How To Course!

Do you want to learn how to
access the Starship, Communicate
Telepathically with high frequency  E.T's & become
one of the first (on this planet)
to learn this healing modality!

For lightworkers, wayshowers, for Healers & For Self Healing



Course starts on 29th May 2023
Med Bed Training - Awakening Education
Our 10 part med bed training Workshop to help train and teach you how to access the starship, speak with the extraterrestrial beings and use QUANTUM FIELD med bed technology.


This program is for light warriors who want to help elevate consciousness, who want to be of service and who want to take their frequency to the next level! It's for THOSE who choose to learn HOW TO…

What you will learn

🛸 access the Galactic Federation star ship remotely from this dimension. We teach you how to get your mind into the gamma brain state to remote view your lightbody, soul and consciousness to the 5th Dimension to the star ship.

🛸 how to use off planet plasma & med bed technology to help yourself and others elevate into higher states of consciousness and frequency

🛸 how to connect with ETs and talk telepathically with them and learn all about galactic history and why earth is going to be the new Galactic Epi-centre of the universe!

🛸 Learn all things healing, including how to neutralise false limiting beliefs, subconscious programs and density held in organs and energy centres… learn how to unlock blocks for clients and help them elevate!

🛸 how to activate DNA strands for ascension and learn how to read DNA to help you and your clients.

🛸 how to tap into the akashic records & more!

Learning about galactic education
Is this for you?

This is for you if you are a light worker

this is for you if you want to ascend this lifetime

this is for you if you want to communicate with higher beings

this is for you if you want to elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration!

this is for you if you are a believer in higher levels of intelligence and source energy and the infinite universe!

⊗ If you want to be a galactic ambassador and be of service to the planet and to humanity!

Hello Beautiful Lightworker! 😇😇
If you're looking for next level healing look no further!
Galactic Connection is the next step of humanities ascension!
This training is profound and absolutely incredible! You will not regret coming on this adventure to the stars!
We take your light body/soul to 5D frequency, to the quantum field aboard a Galactic Federation star ship to meet your star family including Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan brothers and sisters, along with Arc Angels and Ascended Masters!
Access high frequency advanced plasma technology and DNA technology to help you elevate for ascension!
This training is for lightworkers looking to raise their vibration and let go of blocks that are holding them back! Its for those light workers on a personal journey or a service to others journey! 
What you can expect in this session:
*DNA Activations & Akashic Records Reading
*Soul Split & Soul Fracture Merge
*Negative Subconscious Programs Neutralized
*Removal of negative energy blocks & root cause emotion found and released
*Dense Energy in physical body, energy body transmuted
*Cell Rejuvenation
*Organ, Blood and Nervous system upgrades
*Chakra Balance
*Past Life Regression
*Negative implants/Imprints Removal
*Connect with the higher realms, arc angels and your star family!
*Discover your purpose and mission for this lifetime!
We help guide you and talk telepathically to the beings aboard the starship. They are all high vibrational beings – 5D and beyond. We are all experienced healers and advanced souls here to help lightworkers just like you evolve, grow and prepare for ascension!
Sending you lots of love
Pete and Roxy xx
We know its out there! and very very new to this planet.. so to put your mind at ease please visit our youtube channel to feel our energy! Search up Pete and Roxy and you will be sure to find us on that platform giving ascension education 🙂 xx



*Next Course STARTS 29th May 2023

Reviews of How to med bed Course

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Med Bed Quantum Healing - Awakening Education
Med Beds Healing Session - Awakening Education

We have put together a 5-week / 10-part training program jam-packed with tools, education and high-frequency energy flow to help guide and inspire you to connect with galactic ships and beings of light and advanced healing technology in the quantum field.

The training program is over the course of 5 weeks, it is exclusive to 10 people only and you will be able to work directly with Pete and Roxy.

We will teach you how we are able to achieve connection with the Star Ship, in the Quantum Field how we are able to take people to the starship and use med bed technology for healing and activations.

We teach you how to

You will also get access to our Private Galactic Ambassadors  Group with like-minded and elevated souls working with the Extraterrestrial species and fulfilling their purpose and mission..

You will also learn the following:

🛸 how to access the Galactic Federation star ship

🛸 how to use off planet plasma & med bed technology

🛸 how to connect with ETs and talk telepathically with them

🛸 unlock blocks for clients and help them elevate!

🛸 how to activate DNA strands for ascension

🛸 how to tap into the akashic records & more!

The training is completed over zoom weekly and is recorded for anyone that cannot make the time.

About Med Bed Training

If you are considering this course, we highly recommend that you have completed healing and inner work yourself first. To enable this process you need to already have your frequency and vibration high, and already be doing meditation, connection, and conscious work. We recommend that you have tried things like Plant Medicine, Energy Healing, Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation Courses, Multidimensionality, or anything else in this realm prior. The more clear and light you are the better you will be at this skill.

Students that complete this course will be Quantum Field Med Bed Practitioners and will have accreditation with Awakening Education.
If you are interested in this course please let us know by email or by clicking the link below 🙂
We are excited to help you learn how this Quantum Field Med Bed Healing works so you can become a healer and have a ripple effect on all of the people around you.
We are offering payment plans if you need them, please just email and we can make a plan together.

Even More Of What You'll Learn!

❤️ Meditation Mastery

❤️ How to raise your frequency to access the quantum field

❤️ How to access Quantum Field & move through quantum Stargate

❤️ How to open the portal into the starship

❤️ You will learn how the med bed works and how you can take people up for healing

❤️ Learn how to telepathically communicate with E.T.s

❤️ Learn how to become a healer and channel light force energy to clear density

❤️ Lightcodes and Activations from E.T. Species

How to Get Into Med Bed Training? - Awakening Education
How to Get Into Med Bed Training? - Awakening Education
How to Get Into Med Bed Training? - Awakening Education
How to Get Into Med Bed Training? - Awakening Education

WHAT's stopping you from applying?
is there a reason you've been given
the gifts you have in life?

*Next Course starts 29th may 2023