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“Lightworkers within our community have experienced profound, 3D ascending results… They've achieved connections To the divine & to the galactic, connections They never thought they would find… That's why we teach what we teach”

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Med Bed Healing - Awakening Education

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Monica, SWEDEN

I would like to share with You some experiences during and after last session:

1. During class; First, I wasn't really aware what's happening. Everything went so fast… My mental “eyes” where “closed” I saw nothing until we entered the Ship. Arriving there I was about to cry with the tough ‘I do not deserve this…' Then I was met by Shir, one of my female Pleadian Guides. She took me by my hands. As soon as I had chosen one Med Bed MY MOTHER CAME “RUNNING” out from nowhere, shouting “THAT BED IS MINE!” “-We will take good care of her” a group of Pleadians said and Shir showed me another Med Bed.

That first ‘during class session' really felt as a massage!

2. Next day; I listened to the REPLAY and tried to follow the Pathway. I felt nervous and uncertain, when suddenly a male Pleadian Guide took me by my hands and following Pete's instructions quickly took me to the Elevator, Stargate and Ship! He informed me that I have three “doubts” or “fears” to this technique;

– First is to open up to this entire process.
– Second to do it by myself without guides.
– Third is to guide and take another person with me to the Ship.

The Med Bed I choose was more like a living entity and ‘it' started to talk with me. It really showed me where my shadows and traumas was and I saw it being clearing out.

3. Same evening; Suddenly, a group of ten E.T.s of very different kinds was around my bed when I was about to sleep. I get to know that they were Astral Projected, not Hologram Projected. They told me that I now have enough protection in my apartment – thanks to my Mental Workroom – so that they can reset the ‘Hologram of a Med Bed' surrounding my bed that they tried before. After a while they started it! And I have never before experienced such a thing! It was really like being into a massage shair!

4. Next day; Suddenly, telepathically I heard my Qigong Masters voice saying; “- THE PORTAL, NOW!” And I “rushed” both mentally and physically to find a place to lay down and to remember the main parts of my Mental Workroom. THIS TIME – I WAS ON MY OWN… No replay, no Guide… My Higher Self came in and said; “-Let's go!” Wait! I said, something is missing… and I remembered to call in Archangels, Galactics, Protection Field (With my colours!) and SOURCE!

Then my eyes were more open and I could slightly “see” the view from the Elevator, the sparkling Stargate and the shimmering Portal into the Ship. I was well protected during the entire process.

My late mother was already there taken well care of by some Pleadians. The Med Bed I choose was gentle showing me a very traumatic situation my mother and I experienced together in this lifetime. The Med Bed and I was then totally focused on to clean out that situation and to elevate all that dense energies from my four bodies as well from that place.

Med Bed Healing - Awakening Education

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Med Bed Healing - Awakening Education

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Med Bed Quantum Healing - Awakening Education