Prepare for ASCENSION with a
1-on-1 MED BED Healing Session

SUPERMOON OPPORTUNITY - Only $175 (Normally $250) - Ends With The Moon

I had an amazing MedBedSession with Roxy.  She was taking me to the starship with ease,  perfect guidance and loving care. Together with the galactic beings and the scans in the Medbed we removed old dense belief patterns from my lightbody and chakras and integrated soul aspects. I felt deeply at home in the ship with my pleiadian and arcturian friends- looking forward to coming back soon.


Join me (Roxy) as I chat all things Med Bed as Harley and I explore the beach while Pete is recharging his energies in the surf! This VLOG was filmed more than a year ago but the foundations remain the same. Since this time we've completed hundreds more Med Bed sessions and enhanced our capabilities so we can provide our light warriors with even stronger healing energies.

This was an amazing Med Bed I (Roxy) completed with one of our amazing light warriors Ra. We took him for a journey to the starship where we guided a quantum field med bed healing session. We're showing you this to help you understand the sessions and how we take your light body to the quantum field to be guided by the Pleiadian and other high-frequency beings using advanced technologies.


The healing is happening to your lightbody in the quantum field while connected to your Galactic Brothers & Sisters!

❤️ cell rejuvenation

❤️ gene and DNA upgrades

❤️ lightcodes activations and downloads

❤️ receive plasma and cosmic light force energy and elevate your frequency within your body, mind and spirit

❤️ emotional trauma releases

❤️ injuries and organ rejuvenation

❤️ receive downloads and brand new energy flows from the divine (Source Energy)

❤️ chakra balances

❤️ meet your star family 👽🛸😇

Feel amazing and enjoy change to your vibration, frequency and energetic state. Rapidly clear blocks and barriers that have been hindering your healing and awakening progression. Feel in alignment with the divine and flow in life while living free even more in the present moment. #nextlevelhealing #5Denergyhealing

In this session you will be guided to the quantum field and we will open a stargate to bring you to a starship.

Here you will be guided into the vibrational room on the galactic federation ship, and the ETs will assist us to facilitate a med bed healing session for frequency upgrades for elevation of consciousness and to help clear negative density in your aura, organs and chakras.

The ETs will also be able to help you activate light codes, DNA and cell genes for higher elevation of consciousness and to help you merge back with your higher self in preparation for the ascension.

The Pleiadian beings will work on you while the med bed is running. While in session we will be communicating with the Pleiadian beings and they will confirm what procedures they are completing along the way. 

This session is done remotely, via zoom and is a voice call as we will be going into deep meditation while in session. 

The Starship is based locally near Australia in the quantum field at this present time.  The starship is currently clocked and can transcend into physical form … This will happen in time when the consciousness on the planet and the collective is in a high enough state of awareness and frequency.

This session is 90+ minutes long and we suggest you find a quiet place where you feel relaxed while taking this journey.

This session is for people that are open and ready to take their healing, frequency and upgrades to the next level. Become the best version of yourself and enjoy life with freedom, joy and love xx

Please note session are available with Pete, Roxy and our advanced healers Shila, Jeannie and Jerome.  The calendar link to book will be sent to you once payment has been received.

For any further enquiries please contact us via email on the contact us page.

In this video I (Roxy) explain my connection with the Pleiadian's. I wanted to share this as I was a bit unmotivated to do this channelling (yes I am not always at my highest frequency), however Eskil kept connecting in, seeing if i wanted bring through some information for the upcoming energies on the planet (this was in March 2022).

I'm (Pete) honoured to share this video with you. A video I recorded in a time when our physical bodies were not optimized, which affected our mental, spiritual and emotional centres. Like exercising, healing, connection and ascension are not a one time thing, they are a practice, a way of life we follow every day. We often are impacted by the energies of the 3D world, but it is up to us to break free!




About Pete and Roxy

We are a married couple with two little boys from Australia. Our awakening journey started August 2019. We have both been active Entrepreneurs since our teenage years and have always made Self-Development a priority so we can be the Best Version of Ourselves.
We have built and managed successful businesses and always loved to be of service and inspire others.
We are Professional Motivational Speakers helping inspire and motivate others. We are Mindfulness & Multi-dimensional Coaches, Intuitive Healers, Course Creators and are here to help Elevate Humanity and Planet Earth into higher consciousness.
Peter has been a mindfulness coach for over 10 years travelling the world educating clients how to train their brain and access Alpha and Gamma Brain States.
When we met, we wanted to settle down and have some kids and decided to find local work which led to building 3 successful businesses while living a life of our dreams by the beach, with friends and family.
In August 2019, both of us felt in our hearts that there was more to learn about life, humanity and what our true life purpose was. We started to meditate and began our awakening journey. We meditate daily now and we are connected to divine source being led by the heart and our higher self. We found we were waking up and elevating, and realising we are all one, we are all a spark of the divine and no one is better than anyone else.
We worked through deep negative emotional injuries from our traumatic childhood and now having removed our excess emotional baggage, purifying our vessels. we reconnected with our true selves, we knew and remembered who we were and got clarity on why we were here…!
Through this process we realigned with our purpose in life – To help raise the vibration, to help inspire and to be of Service to Humanity Globally.
In early 2020 Awakening Education was born which is an online platform for individuals globally, to begin their awakening journey and to help guide with elevation of consciousness.
Following this, we had a calling to train and learn all about multi-dimensionality and galactic truths. Through this process we elevated even further by firstly cleaning out our inter-dimensional injuries and merging back with our higher self and soul self.
we both transitioned and found our gifts and abilities were awakening to help be of service to others. our visualisation and multidimensional abilities began to truly ignite.
This was the launching pad to connecting with higher vibrational beings including extraterrestrial and Light Beings from other dimensions and planets. this was something very profound and exciting as we felt called to help bridge the gap between galactic worlds and the planet.  with the help of galactic beings and the divine source energy we were able to open up even more healing technology aboard a galactic federation star ship and now continue to take people on journeys for self healing via med bed Technology.
We want you to know we have survived our Awakening Journey!!! and that everything you are going through is okay and “everything will be okay”!!! You are on the right path!
Let’s together, Raise the Consciousness of YOU as an individual, and humanity and ascend into higher states of consciousness.
Wishing you a beautiful journey

Exciting times ahead!!!
Pete and Roxy xx

US $175


US $250

Please see below some beautiful channelled artwork from These are channelled illustrations of the extra-terrestrial beings we are working with. We want to share with you that the Pleiadians are human looking, with blonde hair, kind hearts and have elevated consciousness.