E.T. & Med Bed Healing - The How to Course

Do you want to learn how to access star ship, communicate telepathically with E.T.s and learn how to heal yourself and others using  Quantum Field Med Bed technology!?

Due to popular demand, we have opened up a 10 part Workshop to help train and teach you how to access the starship, speak with the extraterrestrial beings and use med bed technology.

This program is for light warriors who want to help elevate consciousness, who want to be of service, who want to take their frequency to the next level!

In this course you will learn how to

– Access the Quantum Field
– Access the Galactic Federation Star Ship
– Use Med Bed Technology for Cell, Genes and DNA frequency upgrades, repair and rejuvenation
– Learn how to communicate with extraterrestrial beings
– Learn all about galactic history and extraterrestrial species
– Learn how to read and activate DNA


US $2,500

*Next Training Course 11th July 2022


Reviews of How to med bed Course

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US $2,500

*Next Training Course 11th July 2022

We have put together a 5 week / 10 part training program jam packed with tools, education and high frequency energy flows to help guide and inspire you to connect with galactic ships and beings of light and advanced healing technology in the quantum field.

The training program is over the course of 5 weeks, it is exclusive to 10 people only and you will be able to work directly with Pete and Roxy.

We will teach you how we are able to achieve connection with the Star Ship, in the Quantum Field how we are able to take people to the star ship and use med bed technology for healing and activations.

The training is completed over zoom weekly, and is recorded for anyone that cannot make the time.

If you are considering this course, we highly recommend that you have completed healing and inner work yourself firstly. To enable this process you need to already have your frequency and vibration high, and already be doing meditation, connection and conscious work. We recommend that you have tried things like Plant Medicine, Energy Healing, Reiki, Breath-work, Meditation Courses, Multidimensionality or anything else in this realm prior. The more clear and light you are the better you will be at this skill.

Students that complete this course will be Quantum Field Med Bed Practitioners and will have an accreditation with Awakening Education.
If you are interested in this course please let us know by email or by clicking the link below 🙂
We are excited to help you learn how this Quantum Field Med Bed Healing works so you can become a healer and have a ripple effect on all of the people around you.
We are offering payment plans if you need, please just email and we can make a plan together.

What you will learn

❤️ Meditation Mastery

❤️ How to raise your frequency to access the quantum field

❤️ How to access Quantum Field & move through quantum Stargate

❤️ How to open the portal into the starship

❤️ You will learn how the med bed works and how you can take people up for healing

❤️ Learn how to telepathically communicate with E.T.s

❤️ Learn how to become a healer and channel light force energy to clear density

❤️ Lightcodes and Activations from E.T. Species

US $2,500

*Next Training Course 11th July 2022