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Consciousness is the new Currency
Spiritual Awakening Coach

Spiritual Awakening Coach

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Our one-on-one private coaching program is for people who are serious and ready to kickstart their deep awakening journey.

Awakening Conference Speakers

Awakening Conference Speakers

Inspire Your Audience!

Whether it's a Small Gathering or a Large Business Conference, Pete and Roxy’s Story will inspire and motivate your staff and guests.


Mastering your human blocks, emotional injuries and old false limiting beliefs! Past Lives Reading Carolyn Zaiser - Purple Rain Healing Channeled Messages Session (Distance Session with Formal Document) This unique and personal session provides you with a word-for-word detailed document of the channeled conversation from your Spirit Team, facilitated by Carolyn. The more situations you wish to know…

Top 10 Reasons To Join Us

You Want To Change Your Life
  • Remove Stress and Anxiety from your consciousness
  • Have a overflow of Love and Happiness in your Life
  • Be the best Version of yourself
  • Awaken your Higher Self so life goes in flow with ease
  • Live a Healthier Life
  • Have more Energy to experience life's beauty
  • Feel peace in your Heart and Mind
  • Learn Truths about our Universe
  • Tap into your Intuitive Gifts
  • Be open to downloads from the divine source energy

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