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Pete - Spiritual Awakening Mentor, Energy Healer and Business Coach.
Roxy - Intuitive Multi-dimensional Healer & Spiritual Awakening Mentor
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Pete and Roxy's Purpose

Our truth and knowing will ignite your being! We live a life of good health, an overflow of energy, prosperous success, love and happiness. Our heart is open and we are connected to high realms and source energy.We are here to enjoy the earth experience while inspiring, guiding and mentoring our brothers and sisters for ascension.

We live in flow and let the universe lead the way. Everyday we connect back to source via meditation and intuition and reignite with our purpose.

“To be of service and to have an everlasting positive impact on humanity!” With Love Pete and Roxy xx
Lightworkers - Awakening Education

Find your Purpose and Raise your Consciousness with Gamma and Alpha Brain States. Consciousness is the new Currency

Learn how to Harness the Power of your Brain and Mind to change your life

Find your Purpose and Raise your Consciousness with Gamma and Alpha Brain States.
Consciousness is the new Currency
Spiritual Awakening Coach

Spiritual Awakening Coach

Get all of the benefits

Our one-on-one private coaching program is for people who are serious and ready to kickstart their deep awakening journey.

Awakening Conference Speakers

Awakening Conference Speakers

Inspire Your Audience!

Whether it's a Small Gathering or a Large Business Conference, Pete and Roxy’s Story will inspire and motivate your staff and guests.


Mastering your human blocks, emotional injuries and old false limiting beliefs! Past Lives Reading Carolyn Zaiser - Purple Rain Healing Channeled Messages Session (Distance Session with Formal Document) This unique and personal session provides you with a word-for-word detailed document of the channeled conversation from your Spirit Team, facilitated by Carolyn. The more situations you wish to know…

Advanced Brainstates Online Course

Shine Bright with Awakening Education - Advanced Brainstates Online Course
This course is created to help ignite your consciousness, raise your vibration, and inspire you to tap into advanced brain states such as Gamma, Alpha and Theta. Learn how to tap into your Higher-Self and remove Fear, Stress & Anxiety. Learn how to Rewire your brain with our Subconscious Reprogramming lessons with Guided Meditation Practise after each Lesson.
Many people live a life asleep and we are here to help WAKE you up!
Manifest your Business Dreams and start living your life to your full potential!
Expect Personal Growth, Expect Inner Happiness, expect a FULL HEART so you can Shine Bright in all areas of your life!

How our Course helps

We help you acheive
  • Raise Your Vibration and Become Supernatural

    Learn how you can Rewire your Brain and Become Supernatural! Have Positive Thoughts and Feelings, be slow to Anger, have infinite Compassion for yourself and others. Live in the Now Moment and Learn how your Higher Self and Intuition can guide you so you have a flowing, enjoyable life.

  • Meditation Techniques

    Our Guided meditations will allow you to Reach Advanced Brains States of Alpha, Theta and Gamma and tap into your Higher Brain Function. Beyond this you will learn how to use the screen of the mind, how to reprogram your subconscious and become the best version of yourself.

  • Business and Spirituality

    Entrepreneur? Like to Hustle? But also like Connecting? Welcome Home!!!
    With our Foundation Course you will learn how you can manifest your Business Goals and Grow Your Business through Advanced Meditation Techniques. Learn how by working on yourself and becoming the best version of you, you shine brighter and this has a ripple effect on your business ventures and the people you interact with.

We are moving into a time on earth right now where
Consciousness is the New Currency!


What our Students Thought ...
At school we are given the tools of trade for just about everything in life, except the tools for living abundantly. No matter what sort of person you are, Awakening Education will put this incredible zing in your life. The time, money and effort required to do the course are a pittance compared with the amazing, life-long benefits you’ll receive. Don’t miss it.

Mark Talbot

– Managing Director – Melbourne - Vic

I have found a new job, improved my memory, changed my attitude – home life is much happier and smoother. I am much more positive, have lots more self confidence and self esteem and I am able to set and achieve goals. All this happened after purchasing the Awakening Education Course.

S. Griffiths

– Retail Manager - Maroochydore - Qld

Powerfully unites science, spirituality and healing. I raised my Vibration and connected to source Energy. It made me realise i was living an unhappy, unconscious life. Thank you for inspiring me and my awakening journey.

Loraine Day

– Sales person – Epsom, Surrey

Not Sure Where To Start?

We have put together a booklet so you can learn about your Brain Rhythms and how you can use Alpha and Gamma Brain States to Advance and stimulate your Life Journey! <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>And it’s 100% FREE!</span>

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