Advanced Brainstates Free Lesson

Advanced Brainstates Lesson 1 (FREE)

Welcome to The First Lesson of Advanced Brainstates! (For Free)

In this masterclass you are going to learn all about Advanced Brainstates and how you can learn how to tap into these Levels of Consciousness.

Our Masterclass is hosted by Pete and Roxy Heibloem.

What you will Learn
  • How your brain works
  • The four Levels of the Brain activity
  • Why we get stuck, stressed, worried, negative and scattered
  • How to access Alpha the super conscious creative level of the brain.
  • How to Implement this in your daily life
What are Advanced Brainstates?
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Why Are They Important?

People today often feel unconnected with themselves, family and others. People are suffering from anxiety, depression, boredom. Unfulfilling jobs, unfulfilling relationships and constant bombardment from social media are leading to breakdowns and drug and alcohol addictions and general unhappiness.

Many people are motivated and wishing for huge dreams and goals, using self-help, self-discipline and force to attempt to make themselves feel successful, feel worthy, feel happy however they fail to look within for the answers.

The new entrepreneur lifestyle is built with a vision that you have to HUSTLE 24/7 and GO GO GO!!! Push Push …!!

Yet many people achieve great heights of wealth and success only to find they are still lost and empty….

Less importance is given to the message of going within for fulfilment, facing our fears and accepting who we really are….

Once people realise that true happiness and fulfilment begins within, they begin to elevate their consciousness and peace and happiness is more prevalent in their life.

About Alpha Mastery

Our Alpha Mastery Course was taught over a long weekend, full days with loads of content. Peter Junior and Peter Senior would take turns with each session over the course of the weekend. Live demonstrations and education were given prior to the participants would implement in a case study session.

Peter and his father would travel all around Australia, Singapore, Middle East and South Africa teaching this Advanced Brainstates course for over 10 years and was very successful.

The Alpha Course is the active use of the Alpha Meditation state and teaches the participants to go into lower levels of the mind. Participants are taught tools to actively use their focussed mind and build a workshop of their mind to use in their daily practise.

About Pete and Roxy

When we met, we were both in a transition phase of their lives. Together we started to build and sell an insurance business, an Amazon Business and we soon learned that Advanced Brainstates and mindset is a really great fit for the aspiring entrepreneur and this was an opportunity to re-write the Advanced Brainstate course as a digital course with webinars and Masterclasses that allowed students to be relaxed at home while learning about Alpha Mastery education.

The idea of Advanced Brainstates and Awakening Education has been rediscovered from the journey that we have been following in the pursuit of becoming better versions of ourselves.

With our family now on an awakening journey also, we feel it’s the right time to create and roll out an Advanced Brainstates Online Course in line with a shift in consciousness that is being spread globally and becoming more discussed in daily life.

We hope you enjoy this Masterclass and we wish you a beautiful journey of life.

Exciting times ahead!!!
Pete and Roxy xx