5d Consciousness and Business Coaching

5d Consciousness and Business Coaching- Awakening Education

If you are a Lightworker this 5D Business coaching is for you!!!

It is the merging of the rules and laws of the “matrix” combined with the rules and laws of the universe, so that you can not only create a business that is successful at a 3D level, you can align with your purpose to be of service to shine the light from a 5D perspective.

Have you been living in a 3D way of life, you may have had a business or job and felt that it was not in alignment with your awakening journey?

In this session we help you to uncover your soul's purpose. We help you to connect with the divine, high realms so your energy flow is abundant, fulfilling and in true alignment with the universe.

We work with you to create a brand new life so it moves with higher consciousness and the divine. We help you create a business that feels right so you can be of service to humanity and fulfill your soul's mission.

What you will Learn with our 5D Consciousness Coaching?

You will learn how the energy moves with you and through you with love and joy to help you be the best version and live an amazing life.

Learn how you can build an abundant business in the spiritual realm and live your life's purpose. You came here for a mission and it's time to get to work!

Elevate your existing business to its highest potential or create a brand new flow with Pete's guidance, support and knowledge!

Our goal is to help you become the best version of you so you can serve humanity and help elevate the planet! We want you to be successful and fulfilled with all that you do!

If you want to learn more we offer a 15 minute chat with Pete to find out if this 5D Coaching is for you. Please connect via our contact us page requesting a 15 minute consult.

US $995

2 x 90minutes calls with Pete

5d Consciousness and Business Coaching - Awakening Education
5D Business Coaching - Awakening Education
5D-Business-Coaching - Awakening Education

US $995

2 x 90minutes calls with Pete

Awakening Education runs 1 on 1 session and group training assisting people with their spiritual awakening journey. Pete and Roxy are experts in galactic coaching, intuitive healing, and Med Bed healing to raise your vibrations and consciousness. We also offer spiritual awakening courses across the globe. Ready to start your awakening journey for a better life? Contact Pete and Roxy today!