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work 1:1 with Pete and Roxy

Work 1:1 with Pete and Roxy

Platinum Transformation Program.

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Galactic Training! 🛸
Quantum Field Med Bed
The How To Course!

Learn how to access a off planet star ship, raise your vibration, be of service to the planet & humanity!

Multi-Dimensional Training

Activate your Multidimensional Self now & OPEN a Portal to Connect Directly to the GALACTIC!

1:1 Quantum Field Med Bed
Healing Session - Work with our Healers!

5D Distant energy healing to unlock dense energy, merge soul fractures and raise your vibration!

Our Movies & TV Shows

Ayahuasca - Source For The Soul

Our BRAND new Movie! Join Pete and Roxy as they take you on a journey of self-discovery with Ayahuasca. Be captivated by their personal experience and learn all about this tangible, sacred healing plant medicine

Portal To Pleiadians

A captivating series on accessing the cosmic conscioussness, connecting with the Pleiadians and our individual healing journeys.

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Event Speaking

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Ayahuasca Retreat

Interested in Joining Pete and Roxy on their Ayahuasca Journey in October? Click for more details!

Awakening Education's Mission

Awakening Education's goal is to be the light and help humanity raise its vibration and birth a new 5D earth of Love, Unity and Freedom.

Pete and Roxy are a Mum and Dad team from Australia, who had a MASSIVE spiritual awakening in 2019! They had a successful 3D insurance business and understood they were here for a much larger mission and purpose! The great awakening started, and so did their inner healing journey! They sold their business and went ALL IN on healing, elevating consciousness and raising their vibration. 

Together they enjoy the experience of human life, and juggling a small family, all while being world light leaders & consciousness coaches for the planet and humanity.

Pete and Roxy went on a journey of self discovery and sat with the sacred medicine – Ayahuasca. This helped them shed the layers and merge themselves back with their soul. 

The awakening journey didn't stop there, they started to connect to higher galactic beings and started to awaken to a much bigger purpose – to help bridge the gap between earth, humanity and galactic consciousness. Pete and Roxy are multidimensional and enjoy all levels the divine has to offer!

Their first TV Production was birthed with UNIFYD TV Portal to the Pleiadians, is a real life story of how Pete and Roxy came to telepathically communicate with extraterrestrial beings of light and remote view to an off planet star ship for healing and higher wisdom.

Pete and Roxy then went on to create another production “Ayahuasca – Source for the Soul”. The purpose of this film was to help share education and healings of the sacred plant medicine “mother ayahuasca”. 

Pete & Roxy share their intimate and personal stories of transformation as well as their dedication to serve humanity by shedding light on this exciting  ascension journey!

We welcome you to our website with love, and hope to work with you for your transformation.

“To be of service and to have an everlasting positive impact on humanity!”

With Love Pete and Roxy xx

LEARN this ET healing modality to heal yourself & others - Awakening Education

Work with Pete and Roxy xx


Pete is a old soul, activator and life coach, who is here to help the planet evolve and ascend. His mission is to help you accelerate your ascension journey and become a true leader you are destined to be. Pete specialises in helping a person feel motivated about life again, see patterns and help with life goals and direction in business and personal growth. When you work intimately with Pete great things happen!


Roxy is a Quantum Field Energy Healer, Teacher and Coach helping you unlock false beliefs & conditioning to help you let go of shadow energy and trauma. The goal of Roxys mission is to help you heal and become the best version of you while here on this planet! Roxy typically works 1:1 with client longterm to ensure a amazing transformation and elevation journey.  Roxy likes to go deep to ensure energy flows from the ROOT is corrected so you can feel love, happiness and abundance in your life again. Watch your life change dramatically when you sign up to our coaching programs!

Together let's Elevate Consciousness
& discover Galactic Truths!

Watch Our Award Winning and Cannes Film Festival Finalists Series "Portal To the Pleiadians" On UnifydTV

Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards & Festival 2023

3x Winner In Cannes World Film Festival: Best Inspirational Film, Best Spiritual/ Mystical Film & Best Space Research Film

Awarded Silver In The Hollywood Independent Film Festival

Finalists for RED Movie Awards for Reims Excellence Director

Check Out Our Award Winning and Cannes Film Festival Show "Ayahuasca: Source For The Soul" On UnifydTV

Best Inspiration Film & Best Indigenous / Natives People Film

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