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ET and Med Bed Energetic Healing

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E.T. & Med Bed Healing - The How to Course

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Multidimensional Training

Work with Pete and Roxy xx

Work with Pete
Quantum Field Med Bed Healing
Pleiadian & Extraterrestrial Energectic Healing
Spiritual Awakening Mentor
Spiritual Business Coach

Work with Roxy
Quantum Field Med Bed Healing
Pleiadian & Extraterrestrial Energectic Healing
Multidimensional & Galactic Mentor
Kids Spiritual Mentor

Pete and Roxy’s Purpose

Our goal is to help you live your best life and become the best version of yourself.

Our heart is open and here to help be of service while allowing the divine to move through you.

We are here to enjoy the earth experience while inspiring, guiding and mentoring our brothers and sisters for ascension.

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between Planet Earth, Galactic realms and Source Energy! Including connection with extraterrestrial beings and integration of galactic intelligence.

We live in flow and let the universe lead the way. Everyday we connect back to source via meditation and intuition and reignite with our purpose.

“To be of service and to have an everlasting positive impact on humanity!”

With Love Pete and Roxy xx

Together let's Elevate Consciousness
& discover Galactic Truths!

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